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Meeting with Karen Redman

We were honoured to meet with Region of Waterloo Chair, Karen Redman, in December of 2019.

Ian Smith, Secretary/Treasurer of 2cf Board, and Lordy met with Karen, who is also a Rotarian.

After pleasantries we got straight down to it, explaining that we wanted to communicate with Prime Minister Chretien to ask him to support a project that would bear his name and immortalize him.

Lordy's respect for Chretien stems from the positions he held on African development during his time as Prime Minister and for his two Ps: PRAGMATISM and PATRIOTISM

Redman agreed to write to the former Prime Minister regarding our request. After the meeting we toured her office where we saw the “Whip” she was given by her staff when she was appointed the Chief Whip for the Chretien government.


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