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2019 Ghana Project: Report by Lordy Numekevor

I was in Ghana from October 13 to 28, 2019 on a fact-finding visit to ascertain whether 2cf could implement a Shark Tank model of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship. I also visited primary and junior high school in my hometown of Dove, in the Volta Region with the view of identifying problems that have been preventing girls from accessing or entering primary school.

The Shark Tank Model: Unfortunately, my meeting with one Abraham Asare at TV3 on Tuesday, October 15 did not go beyond the first meeting as he never heard back from him as he had mentioned at our meeting.

On my return, I met with Dr George Amponsem, our Consultant on 2cf matters, and discussed the outcome of the trip on this matter. He asked that we do not give up as it is always difficult doing business in Ghana and provided me with some high-level leads to connect with prior to my next visit.

Supporting Girls In Dove Primary School: I visited the school on Wednesday, October 16 and delivered used clothing and a my used laptop to the Head Teacher, Mr. Bismark Senyo Tekpor and two other faculty members. On Asietu’s recent trip to Ghana, she visited the school and paid the full year school fees for ten girls at a cost of $120 Canadian dollars and took pictures of each student and her parents.

Asietu Numekevor met with a parent and a pupil of Dove Primary School in the Volta-Region of Ghana, and I spoke with Mr. Bismark Senyo (Head Master of Dove Primary School ) Tekpor and two other faculty members.


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