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2cf Operational Pillars

We develop strategic programs that represent a shift
in traditional giving models, one that equates donor satisfaction with recipient success and program sustainability.


It’s no secret that in developing countries, for lack of various resources, girls are frequently excluded from being educated.


Independent of government, 2cf promotes hard work, perseverance, and girls’ literacy by addressing needs in basic and vocational education.


2cf supports local health institutions and organizations to facilitate health education and nutritional training and to cultivate healthy eating and organic gardening.

Healthy bodies and healthy minds make healthy communities.



Local, small, and skills-based businesses are the foundation of rural communities. That’s our focus for incubating, investing in, and supporting novel business ideas.

Our approached is inspired by micro-lending principles and western models where successful business entrepreneurs evaluate and fund business start-ups.


Whatever your interest or area of expertise, whether it’s getting technology into rural schools, building sustainable community gardens, or helping entrepreneurs deliver products or services to needy markets, your contribution matters!

Become a partner. Contact us using the form below.

Become a partner

Become a partner!

You can contribute to the 2cf mission by becoming a donor as a giver partner, or by using your expertise to develop and manage programs
as a volunteer partner. 

Tell us how you would like to be involved! 

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