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Two-Communities Foundation

2cf is a not-for-profit organization currently operating in Canada and Ghana

2cf is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through meaningful giving at home and abroad.

We do it by uniting donors and beneficiaries for life-transforming programs that enhance community growth.

We develop strategic programs that represent a shift in traditional giving models,
one that equates donor satisfaction with recipient success and program sustainability.

2cf Operational Pillars



It’s no secret that in developing countries, for lack of various resources, girls are frequently excluded from being educated.…

Health Care

2cf supports local health institutions and organizations to facilitate health education and nutritional training and to cultivate healthy eating…


Local, small, and skills-based businesses are the foundation of rural communities. That’s our focus for incubating, investing in, and…


Customized programs connect donors directly with the people in the communities that benefit from their contributions. The Giver Partners…

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Why Two-Communities Foundation?

Traditional giving models typically divert contributions into common funds that support various projects. Givers rarely — if ever — see first hand the results of their donations. In contrast, 2cf unites donors directly with beneficiaries, so both parties become co-contributors to programs that enhance their communities.

The latest news

Go back and give back. Give people the tools they  need.

Giver-partners are part of every 2cf program.

Being a partner puts intrinsic value and personal satisfaction
at the forefront for donors who are making holistic contributions
to donees and their communities.

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